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And wishes to make these thing clear!

Deviations containing BBC copyrighted photos/screencaps OR explicit sexual imagery/prose will not be accepted. Though mild intimacy or innuendo is of course allowed. He does love to flirt.
I can assure you that the sexual imagery/prose rule is not caused by any kind of sexually conservative sentiment, I'd just like to keep it pretty PG around here. If you disagree with these policies, I assure you that there are loads of other groups that have no such policy.
I also ask that when submitting cosplay, simply choose one or two of the best photos. I have added a new Cosplay folder though, so acceptances in that category will go up!

ALSO, ideas on how to make this group totally awesome? Contest ideas? NOTE ME.

Want to gift a subscription? DO.
Haha, only kidding, no SANE person would pay those prices.

Valiant out!
Welcome to I Voted Saxon, a fan group for all incarnations of the Master, not just the incredibly handsome one.
Feel free to join, submit art, suggest faves, and all that other group stuff.

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